Whatever your cleaning requirements, Corporate Cleaning Solutions has the know-how, skills, equipment, and a professional cleaning team to do the job right. Our clients trust us to care for their facilities and their staff's working conditions because of our strict attention to detail.

Corporate Cleaning

Corporate Cleaning Solutions is a family based business that has been around in one incarnation or another since 1978. It has gone through many transformations but one thing that has not changed is our commitment to quality service at the right price.

One of our first contracts was a School and we still specialize in this area. We currently have 9 Private schools in our Portfolio ranging from small primary schools with 140 students to large High schools with 1200 students. Corporate Cleaning Solutions recognizes that all Schools are different and have diverse needs and expectations, we are always happy to tailor a program to suite.

We also service commercial premises mainly in the inner city hub, cleaning anything from a standard office to bakeries, to Body corporate work. All our work is guaranteed.

School Cleaning

Corporate cleaning Solutions currently hold the contracts for 8 private schools, ranging from High Schools with 1200 students to small Primary schools with 150 students. We offer a complete package to schools starting with the regular maintenance cleaning and including steam cleaning of all carpet, window cleaning, stripping and sealing of vinyl and timber and restoration of tiled areas.

We offer these services at a very good rate because this is our specialized area. Over time we have developed systems and training that create better efficiency and therefore better value to our customers.

Builders Cleaning Services

Builders work hard. Builders work fast. As a consequence, they can leave behind offcuts, stains, dust, and other debris. Cleaning up this mess is slow and difficult. Consider Corporate Cleaning Solutions - we have the equipment and skills to remove cement dust, paint splats and other odd marks. And we'll remove rubbish and ensure the area will be pristine. We're quick and efficient. Contact us today!