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Biological Cleaning agents

Biological Cleaning agents, the cure for bathroom odours

One of the most common problems faced by commercial cleaning contractors are unpleasant odours emanating from bathroom facilities. Traditionally this has been combated using caustic de-scalers and tile cleaners to remove uric acid build up. This was fairly successful but never quite worked well enough in high traffic areas.

As our predominant client base is private schools we face very high use of student toilet block facilities. Traditional methods have never quite been enough to keep toilets smelling fresh especially urinals in the middle of summer, but finally we have a solution.

Introducing Biological cleaning agents

Biological cleaning agents have been around for awhile but have only fairly recently been seen in Australia. At first they were problematic to use as they bacteria would die very quickly and therefore be of no use whatsoever. Lately things have changed for the better.

The new products on the market that we use is firstly Australian made where as prior it has all come from Europe but the main changes are the following.

  • GFS Bioprotect is highly stable and can be diluted and kept for weeks
  • Its Patented bacteria break down all organic waste including faecal matter, blood and urine
  • It breaks down soap scum and grime
  • Biodegradable
  • It contains surfactant’s which helps the cleaning process

This means we can service a bathroom area using this product on all surfaces bar the toilet bowls which still require a specialist cleaner.

So if you have issues with your restrooms give this product a try I guarantee it will change the way you clean.

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How to find a good cleaner – 3 steps

My brother phoned me the other night, feeling a bit distressed. He works in a large firm in London, UK (somewhere we can’t service), and had been through 3 cleaning firms in the last 3 months, each one apparently worse than the last! He needed to answer the question –

“How do I hire a good cleaner?”

Good cleaners are hard to find, but with the right approach, you can find a keeper. Here’s what you need to consider –

  1. Trust
    Most offices are busy, and staff members absentmindedly leave notes, invoices, and contracts laying around. You need a cleaner who you can trust not to casually read these things, especially if you expect them to tidy up your office.
  2. Service
    One of the biggest complaints of my brother is when he works late and sees the cleaner skim over things with a feather duster, paying no attention to their task, trying to rush through everything, and doing nothing correctly. ‘Go the extra mile’ has always been my philosophy. My clients don’t need to point out things to clean, in fact I consider it my job to get to these before my client is even aware they needed cleaning.
  3. Value
    Standards of cleaners range from lame to fastidious. You need to know what level of cleanliness you want, then pay accordingly. Its a classic case of paying peanuts and getting monkeys. If you go for the cheapest, you’ll be compromising on quality and speed.

Corporate Cleaning Solutions are a good match for most discerning businesses in the Brisbane area. For other areas, good luck with your search.